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    Welcome to your course: Exploring the Critique of Liberalism Through Critical Race Theory

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    • Personal Reflection

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    The RIR Framework - Compassionate Dialogue

    • What is the RIR Protocol?

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    Outcome 1: Be Able to Define and Recognize A Key Tenet of Critical Race Theory (CRT) - The Critique of Liberalism

    • The Tenet: Critique of Liberalism

    • Article: The Role of Critical Race Theory

    • Reflecting on what you have read

    • Video: Why Colorblindness is Toxic

    • Deeper Dive Reflection: Why Colorblindness is Toxic

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    Outcome 2: Learn How Concepts Like Color-Blindness and Incremental Change Are Insufficient to Redress the Deleterious Effects of Race and Racism

    • Color-Blindness and Incremental Change

    • Article: Black Lives Matter v. All Lives Matter - The Debate Continues

    • Video: The Problem With Saying All Lives Matter

    • Deeper Dive Reflection

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    Outcome 3: Learn Why It Is Necessary To Use Conversations About Race to Interrupt Our Historical and Contemporary Understanding of the Need to Confront, Address, and Eliminate Racial Oppression and Inequity

    • CRT - An Honest Conversation

    • Article: Opinion ‘A Conversation With Black Women on Race’ (The New York Times)

    • Video: A Conversation With White People On Race

    • Deeper Dive Reflection: Conversations On Race

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    Just Do One Thing!

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    • Download Your Wrap Up Sheet - Moving From Theory to Practice

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    • Final Evaluation

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