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    Welcome to your course: Developing A Sociopolitical Consciousness

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    • Personal Reflection

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    The RIR Framework - Compassionate Dialogue

    • What is the RIR Protocol?

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    Outcome 1: Understand the Definition of Sociopolitical Consciousness

    • Sociopolitical Consciousness

    • Video: Asians in the Library UCLA Rant

    • Reflecting on what you have seen

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    Outcome 2: Understand The Impact of Sociopolitical Consciousness When Teaching Children

    • Teaching Diversity of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity

    • Video: Asians In the Library of the World A Persona Poem

    • Deeper Dive Reflection: Asians in the Library of the World A Persona Poem

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    Outcome 3: Explore Expectations of Educators Who Aim to Infuse Sociopolitical Consciousness Into Their Teaching Practices

    • Assist Students in Understanding Themselves and Their Ascribed Social Positioning

    • Share an Example: Lessons that connect students to the larger societal context

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    Just Do One Thing!

    • Just Do One Thing!

    • Download Your Wrap Up Sheet - Moving From Theory to Practice

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    • A Note About Final Evaluation

    • Final Evaluation

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